Hello JJ powered MPC User!

As you may have noticed by now, I haven’t posted ANYTHING since 2009 on here. That’s mainly because I had to sell my MPC and since then switched to the N.I. Maschine which I am really happy with.

So basically, I don’t have any access to JJ related topics and resources any longer.

Therefor I’d be more than happy to give somebody else access to this Blog for Maintainance and updates. Also, I’d provide the InDesign Project with the Manual Template wich hasn’t been updated since ’09 as well.

Any volunteers welcome. Just leave a message and I’ll get back to you, if I think you’re worthy.😉


Unfortunately, I’ve got to sell my beloved MPC 1000, because I need money badly. This means I cannot continue the project as of now. I will certainly get another MPC one day, but for now, everything is f’ed up (again).

If there are peeps out there, who want to continue this blog or the manual let me know.

One love to all the good folks I met during the time I did music. Extra special shout outs to Don foe spending endless Hours of proof reading!!!

Peace. I’ll return…

A few days ago, JJ released the first build of this MPC-kindalike Software (or what you want to call it) for PC platforms. The development process seems to go well, because since its first release, the second update (build 0.63) was released today. Just one day before, a pretty major update of the OS XL2 (v.1.15) for our beloved MPC 1000 was released. I haven’t tested both yet, but there’s a discussion going on over at mpc-forums, if the JJ Sequencer useful/necessary or not, which is pretty interesting…

Link to the JJ Sequencer: http://www7b.biglobe.ne.jp/~jj_soft/

A few Days ago, the JJ Team released first impression on there new development: the JJ Sequencer, a PC-Only Software Sequencer, which looks a lot like a virtual representation of the MPC 1000 Sequencer. No further Details are known by now, so check out the Screenshots and judge yourself. Source: http://www7b.biglobe.ne.jp/~jj_soft/

The next build of JJ OS 2 (v. 1.13), which is set to be released on June 8th will bring a few nice additions to Trim Mode and the GPE:

  1. The Trim Screen will contain a shortcut o the PGM Mode, which makes jumping between these 2 essential modes easier. Also, the pitch value will also be added to the Trim screen!
  2. In Trim Mode, simply press a pad to show the currently assigned sample!
  3. Assigning samples has improved: in addition to the [WHOLE] Function, you can now hold a Pad and use the up and down arrows to assign the same sample to adjacent Pads and by using [UNDO SEQ],  you can assign samples to non-adjacent pads.
  4. The last pad you hit will be selected/displayed when entering GPE
  5. A controller for sample loop cycles is added to GPE, which lets you decide how often the loop should be repeated.
  6. Finally, samples will be displayed alphabetical order inside the sample list.

>> The All in all a great update I think!

After raising the prices of OS 2 in April, JJ anounced yesterday to also raise the price for JJ OS1 from 30 to 39$. Until June 15th 2008 you can still get it for 30 Dollars, so hurry up and get it now!

Just finished the final release of the manual. I had to left out the DAW Syncing Tutorials for now, but I will deliver theese later as single pdf files appendixes.

JJ OS 1 Manual Rev. 3.5 Final



Print on both sides of the paper. 1 sheet of paper = 2 pages of manual. Here’s how to do this:

  1. In Acrobat, select Print > The Printing Dialog appears.
  2. Select your Printer, then go to the field called ‘Print Range’
  3. Put a Dot at “All x pages” (for the whole manual)
  4. Then go down to the Drop Box ‘Print:’ and select ‘Odd pages Only’
  5. Then start printing.
  6. Wait… till its done.
  7. Next, take the whole pack of printed paper, flip it on the backside and put it back into the paper slot of your printer. Make sure, that you put it in the way it came out. Otherwise the printed backside will come out upside down after printing!
  8. Press Print again, but this time select ‘EVEN Pages Only’ from the ‘Print:’ Dropbox.
  9. Print…. and wait.
  10. Done. Enjoy your JJ OS MANUAL
  11. (Go to a copy shop to get a nice loose-leaf binding for it!)

PS: This pdf was created for the german DIN A4 paper format. If you use any other paper format, make sure to enable the “Fit to paper” option in Acrobat before printing. I just changed to paper format to US Letter and had a look at it: doesn’t look as nice as the DIN A4 version. To make it look good, I’d have to spend several more hours, which I am not willing to. just use the “fit to paper option” and you’re good to go.


NEXT UP: OS 2 Addition

PS: Holla at me for correction or anything else thats on your mind. PEACE

JJ will rise the price of his OS for the MPC 1000 to 49$, ten bucks more than before. It now costs as much as the MPC 2500 OS. So if you plan to get OS2, better hurry up. And remmber: in Japan the sun rises earlier than in the west!

I managed to embed videos into the pdf file…
Download the test chapter here
>> Needs the latest Adobe Reader Version to be installed on your system to work properly!

Actually, I wanted to present a new version of the JJ Manual today, but since I have to care of serious issues in real life, I had to push the project aside for a while. The next release won’t come out until OS1 (4.9x) is final. Although I am done with conceptualizing the new layout, I’ve got to consider if and how I implement OS2 controls into the manual, or if I should do 2 separate versions.
But don’t worry, this project is not dead. Updating, correcting and designing a document this big (about 50 plus pages and I guess about 60 or 70 once it’s done) is consuming too much time right now.
So for now, I just wanted to let you know, that I’m still here doin’ my thang. Enjoy your holidays with your loved ones, family and friends and see you next year on the virtual tip!

Stanta Steez


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